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Why does the heat sealing part of the meat product packaging bag leak liquid?

Quality issues:Liquid leakage occurs in the heat-sealing part of the meat product packaging bag with a high content of liquid components.Cause Analysis:(1)Packaging MaterialsPoor heat sealing performance——During the packaging process of meat products, small particles such as droplets or meat product ingredients and scraps often stick to the heat seal. The sealing strength is easily reduced. The sealing performance is poor, and it is prone to liquid leakage due to extrusion by external force or storage time for a long time. This can be verified by testing the heat seal strength of finished bags, empty packages without content.(2) Finished packaging production processPoor heat sealing——If the parameters of the heat sealing equipment are set improperly, it is easy to cause poor sealing quality of the heat sealing part, poor heat sealing or excessive heat sealing, which is easy to cause leakage of hot air.Expert advice: ——Pay attention to the daily testing of the main performance of packaging such as heat sealing strength (empty packaging bags), heat sealing strength (finished packaging bags), sealing performance (negative pressure method). ——Select packaging materials with good heat-sealing resistance to inclusions (that is, when the heat-sealing mouth is adhered to particles such as debris, droplets, powders, etc., it still has good heat-sealing properties), or appropriately increase the thickness of the heat-sealing layer material ——Adjust the heat-sealing process parameters to prevent fine particles from sticking to the heat-sealing parts and ensure that the heat-sealing parts have good heat-sealing quality.Typical quality case: ——Test sample: chicken feet packaging bag|(The customer reported that during the transportation or sale of the finished product packaging, there was liquid leakage at the heat seal of the packaging bag) ——Targeted testing items: sealing performance(Negative pressure method), heat sealing strength (finished product packaging) ——Test results: In the sealing performance (negative pressure method) test, the finished chicken feet were packaged in-80kpa(Because the product is in the form of vacuum packaging, the pressure at the time of leakage is higher than that of ordinary packaging), air leakage occurs in the heat seal;The uniformity of the heat seal strength of the finished package is poor, and the heat seal strength of the well-sealed package can reach55N/15mm,The heat seal strength of the poor seal is only13N/15mm. Therefore, the poor sealing uniformity at the heat-sealing part of the bag is an important reason for the leakage of the heat-sealing seal.

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