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Why fully biodegradable is a good choice for degradable plastics?

Biodegradable plastics have become an alternative that everyone cares about. Biodegradable plastics refer to compounds that dissolve into ecologically harmless compounds under the premise or in nature.From the point of view of raw materials, biodegradable plastics can not only come from chemical machinery and equipment raw materials, but also from biomass melting..chemical degradation.oxidative degradation, etc.Consumers can choose which of the various biodegradable plastics?Of course, its melting products are not harmful to health, so we choose full degradation. At present, the technical specifications for market sales are relatively sound. The industrial chain is basically good.Will biodegradable plastic melt when it is ripe??No, decomposing is just one of the scenarios where biodegradable plastics melt. The vast majority of biodegradable plastics are stratified in the soil.Temperature and humidity will melt in low temperature or water and sea level environment, and finally be converted by microorganisms into compounds that are harmless to the ecological environment.Biodegradable plastic is a traditional plastic substitute that has attracted much attention in the world. However, because it is a new type of material, it is still in the early stage of industrial development and requires a lot of investment in R&D projects of commodity cost.Experimental investment, etc., the current industrial output value is very small and scattered, so the price is relatively expensive.

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