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Why go electronic before printing plastic bags?

don’t know if you have encountered such a situation. The customized plastic bags are easy to fade or fall directly. When you feedback to the plastic bag manufacturer, the plastic bag manufacturer will tell you that it is because there is no electronics. Aluminum foil bags are generally stored away from direct sunlight and stored away from fire sources. They can be stored for 2 years at room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Aluminum foil bags are also called polyamide 66 or nylon 66. Yellowish translucent or milky white opaque resin. The relative density is 1.14~1.15, and the melting point is 259~267℃. It has excellent wear resistance, oil resistance and self-lubricating properties, and is the highest variety in aliphatic nylon in terms of heat resistance, strength and rigidity. Tensile strength 75.9~82.9MPa, compressive strength 91MPa, Izod impact strength (notch) 4kJ/m, thermal deformation temperature (1.82MPa) 75℃, hardness R120, volume resistivity 1015Ω·cm, dielectric strength 35kV/mm, self-extinguishing. By adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine polycondensation obtained. It can be processed by extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and other methods. It can be reinforced, filled, and alloyed for modification. It is widely used as fiber and tire curtain. So do you know what is over-electronics? Because the plastic bag will not fade after passing through the electron? Electron is to do corona treatment on the surface of plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant) film (thin and soft transparent sheet), because the surface of the plastic film is smooth, some inks with poor adhesion are printing After that, it is easy to fall due to external influences. The aluminum foil bag is also called decompression packaging, which is based on the principle of atmospheric pressure. The main function of the vacuum bag is to deoxygenate, so as to prevent the food from being moldy and deteriorating. Vacuum packaging is a process in which the oxygen in the packaging bag and in the food cells is extracted by an air extractor, so that the microorganisms lose their “living environment”. The vacuum bag can also prevent the oxidation of food, so that the food does not taste, and reduces the loss of vitamins A and C. After the electron is processed with a corona machine, there will be fine pores on the film, so that the printing ink can be attached, and it will not fade or fall off. Not only plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment) film, such as metal (Metal) sheet, metal film, vacuum aluminized film, etc., in order to prevent the color from falling off later, it will also be electrified. Halo treatment. Food plastic bags commonly used in plastic bags are mostly made of polyethylene film, which is non-toxic and can be used to contain food. There is also a film made of polyvinyl chloride, which itself is non-toxic, but the additives added according to the use of the film are often harmful to the human body and have certain toxicity. Therefore, such films and plastic bags made of the films are not suitable for containing food. food bags, food packaging bags

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