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Why haven’t biodegradable PLA stic bags completely re PLA ced ordinary PLA stic bags?

Since the development of biodegradable PLA stic bags, it is true that they have not been fully popularized, and the general public has only a half-knowledge about degradable PLA stic bags. So first a brief ex PLA nation on biodegradation.Biodegradable is not what we understand. It is directly discarded into the environment, and it will be degraded after a period of time. In fact, it still needs to be realized under the conditions of industrial composting. Natural disposal will not degrade quickly, but it will definitely degrade much faster than ordinary PLA stic.Secondly, biodegradable bags are still unable to meet various functional requirements to the maximum extent. Although its performance can be close to that of ordinary PLA stic bags, there are still some differences, especially in durability; and the degradation performance of biodegradable bags, and is contradictory to actual use.In addition, the current garbage classification cannot effectively distinguish biodegradable products from ordinary PLA stic products. After being mixed together for disposal, not only cannot be effectively degraded, but it will increase the difficulty of recycling ordinary PLA stics.Therefore, it will take some time for biodegradable bags to re PLA ce ordinary PLA stic bags. But this trend will not change, because the material composition of biodegradable PLA stic bags is mainly composed of PLA (polylactic acid) and PBAT(Poly(adipic acid) is a recognized environmentally friendly material, a harmless green product, under industrial composting conditions, 180Sky can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide, directly enter the soil and be absorbed by PLA nts, without any impact on the environment, truly come from nature and return to nature.

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