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Why is it more cost-effective to make small packaging bags into roll film?

Small packaging bags are mostly used for liquids, powders, small particles and large particles. The materials of small packaging bags are no different from conventional packaging bags. But the smaller the size of the bag, the more difficult it is to make. We all know that any machinery and equipment has tolerances, so extremely high precision must be required in the process of bag making, otherwise, the defect rate will be greatly increased, and the material Huge loss. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags Considering the difficulty of small packaging bags in the process of bag making and filling, it is recommended to use roll film, which can save a bag making process and avoid loss. In terms of price, the roll film is calculated in kilograms, generally 20~40 yuan per kilogram, and you can contact the packaging bag manufacturer for accounting. The small bag is calculated according to the MOQ. Taking the size of 30*80mm as an example, the MOQ is about 300,000, and the price is about 1 cent. Under the same roll of raw materials, the number of bags made from roll film is higher than that of direct bag making, and you can see who is better and who is worse. Customers who are making roll film for the first time may have a question, how does roll film make bags? The process of making the bag from the roll film is completed by an automatic packaging machine. When we produce the roll film, we will mark the electric eye position to facilitate the machine identification. In this way, the packaging machine can fill the product while making the bag, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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