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Why people can’t live without plastic bags

Since the plastic packaging bag was invented and widely used, it has been closely related to people’s lives. It can be said that people are inseparable from plastic packaging bags. Plastic packaging bags have brought us great convenience in life. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags For example, you don’t need to bring a basket or other when you go shopping. The mall will directly provide plastic packaging bags for guests to pack their items. In addition, everyone’s home will put a disposable plastic bag on the trash can, which solves the trouble of cleaning the trash can after dumping the trash. The use of special plastic packaging bags for precision electronic components can effectively prevent them from being punctured by static electricity, and can view product barcodes, information, etc. without unpacking. Plastic vacuum packaging bags for food and snacks can well isolate the air, prevent bacteria from entering and multiplying and cause food to rot and deteriorate, and can effectively extend the shelf life to ensure the safety of food. Potato chips and other crispy foods are filled with nitrogen. Plastic packaging bags can ensure crispy taste and avoid oxidation. Plastic packaging bags can be used for many purposes because most plastic packaging bags have strong corrosion resistance, do not react with acids and alkalis, plastic manufacturing costs are low, durable, waterproof, light in weight, easy to be molded into different shapes, and are good insulators , with high transparency. Plastic packaging bags can also effectively prevent product leakage, scattering, loss, shrinkage and discoloration during transportation. In addition, it is plastic after all, so its tensile strength and elongation are obvious to all, and it has good protection. Compared with materials, the degree of portability of plastic packaging bags is also very high. Although plastic packaging bags have brought us a lot of convenience in life, the problems of garbage disposal and environmental pollution are also a headache. We are also actively solving them. We believe that degradable plastic materials can replace them in the near future. Existing plastic materials to solve the problem of environmental pollution.

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