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Why should food packaging bags be heat-sealed?

Food packaging bags can help extend the shelf life of food, but for some different materials, the effect of shelf life is different. Aluminum foil bags are usually used in food packaging bags. The use of aluminum foil bags must meet certain sealing requirements, which also ensures the degree of sealing of aluminum foil bags. The commonly used stricter sealing method is – heat sealing! The heat sealing method is a method of fusing two layers of aluminum foil together. This fusion is to combine the two layers of aluminum foil into one layer, which will not cause problems such as cracking or breaking, and will not cause problems such as leakage, so as to achieve the sealing requirements. Aluminum foil packaging bags have many specifications, not only in different sizes, but also in different thicknesses, which also makes them meet the packaging requirements. For different product packaging, the thickness of the packaging bag used is determined by the packaging characteristics of the product. For products with strict vacuum requirements, the thickness of the material used is greater. The greater the thickness of the aluminum foil packaging bag, the tighter the packaging performance and the better it can meet the packaging requirements. Only the packaging cost will be higher, because the cost of packaging materials is calculated by mass. Food packaging bags are not just made of aluminum foil, but composite materials. The composites are made of aluminum foil and nylon, and some are made of four-layer co-extruded film. When packaging some food, it is usually a multi-layer composite material. The reason for using multilayer composites is to package food and maintain food quality. Another reason is that food packaging bags can be printed with rich colors and patterns, which is also a way for food to be recognized by the market, and it is also a necessary way for food promotion. Composite packaging bags (films) are designed to meet the needs of different products, so two or more films or materials with different properties must be combined to complement each other to meet packaging requirements. The above is all about “Why should food packaging bags be heat-sealed?”

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