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Why single-layer liquid packaging milk bags are100°C,30minUnder sterilization, how many broken bags?

100°C,30minThe high-temperature cooking bag must be vacuum-packed, otherwise, the air in the bag will increase greatly with the cooking temperature, and the pressure in the high-temperature cooking bag will increase by more than ten times. Broken bag. Generally speaking, this simple high-temperature cooking bag milk packaging bag should be used in85°C,30minUnder sterilization, called pasteurization, then the plastic sheet is treated with hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide+It is better to carry out aseptic packaging in a sterile room after ultraviolet light sterilization. This pasteurized milk can only be sold in shallow cold1~2God, time should not be too long. Because pasteurization only eliminates pathogenic bacteria, there are still a large number of molds and yeasts in milk, which will multiply at room temperature and deteriorate the milk.

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