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Will the heating of milk aluminum foil packaging bags cause aluminum poisoning?

Does heating milk in packaging really cause aluminum poisoning? Ms. Liu, a citizen of Tangshan, called anxiously to inquire. Experts said that boiled milk with packaging will not cause excessive aluminum, but milk is best drunk at room temperature. Ms. Liu introduced that her son is 4 years old and goes to a kindergarten in our city. My son drinks milk every morning when he wakes up. It is the kind of pillow he bought from the supermarket. She often soaks the milk in hot water with the packaging bag to heat it, or directly boils the water in a pot and heats the milk bag in it. I heard from friends that heating milk with packaging bags will cause aluminum poisoning, and Ms. Liu is very worried about this. Regarding this matter, the reporter randomly interviewed a number of citizens and learned that drinking milk has become a living habit of many citizens, and there are also many citizens who buy milk in bags and heat it for drinking at any time. “In order to save trouble, I often throw the milk into the pot together with the bag, and drink it when it is a little hot. This has become a habit, and there is no problem!” said Ms. Wang, a citizen. Mr. Li, a citizen, said that because he was worried that the milk package would react when heated and the toxic substances would dissolve, his family tore the milk bag and pou the milk into the pot to boil. During the interview, the reporter tore open a bag of pillow milk at random and found that the packaging is composed of three materials, the outermost layer is mainly paper material, the middle is a thin soft metal layer, and the innermost layer is a film. So, do these substances really react when heated? Relevant professionals said that the innermost layer of the aluminum foil packaging bag is a layer of polyethylene film, and the boiling temperature of ordinary water is not enough to destroy this layer of film. At the same time, the aluminum material is relatively stable, and no chemical reaction will occur if it is simply boiled. Therefore, even if the polyethylene film is damaged, there is no need to worry that the aluminum in the aluminum foil will precipitate. In the case that the packaging meets the national standard, the packaged boiled milk will not cause the aluminum to exceed the standard. The doctor said that the milk on the market is sterilized, and it is best to drink it at room temperature. If you have a bad stomach and like to drink hot milk, you can cook it on medium heat for about 3 minutes. Long-term heating at high temperature will cause the protein in the milk to coagulate, affecting digestion and absorption. Doctors advise the public that it is best to pour the milk into a container for heating. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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