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YLTpacking: Analyzing the Misunderstandings of Static Electricity

Misunderstanding 1: It is believed that only installing the electrostatic brush on one side of the material can eliminate static electricityBecause plastic and paper are insulating, installing an electrostatic brush on one side can only eliminate static electricity on this side. The static electricity on the other side still exists, which will also cause problems such as ink spots, ink whiskers, flower spots, and knife wires in printing.Misunderstanding 2: Thinking that installing a carbon fiber electrostatic brush on the device can eliminate static electricityBecause the conductivity of carbon fiber electrostatic brush is too poor, the resistance of good quality carbon fiber is30Ωaround, bad to reach100ΩAbove, after being installed on the aluminum alloy frame, some resistances are even infinite. In the grounding theory, the maximum grounding resistance cannot exceed10Ω,Exceed10ΩThe base resistance is not significant, because static electricity, lightning or short-circuit current cannot be introduced to the ground in a timely and reliable manner, and the due protection effect will not be achieved. Therefore, good-quality carbon fiber electrostatic brushes can only eliminate part of the static electricity, and poor-quality ones have no effect at all.Misunderstanding 3: Static electricity at the winding can only be eliminated by electrostatic brushing, humidity control or hanging copper wireBecause the winding diameter is changing, the electrostatic brush cannot be installed next to the winding, but can only be installed next to the guide roller before winding, so that the effect of eliminating the static electricity of the winding is limited. The humidity control of the whole plant can reduce the generation of static electricity, but it cannot be eliminated, and the cost is too high. Hanging copper wire on the top of the winding coil can eliminate the static electricity of the winding. However, because the copper wire is too hard, it cannot always lean on the winding coil, so it can only eliminate part of the static electricity, and the copper wire is too hard, which will affect the printed matter. Scratches, not easy to use.

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