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yltpacking china food packaging bag offer

often hear some customers say, how many KG food packaging bags do I need, and I need half a catty bags of tea bags, how do you sell them? I think most food packaging bag manufacturers have encountered such inquiries, so for a manufacturer of food packaging bags, are these quotations accurate? The answer is definitely no. Because its food packaging bags are customized according to customer requirements. As for how many kilograms and grams of products, different products have different requirements, so what should be paid attention to in the process of quoting food packaging bags? This article is to share with you all. First of all, we need to know what kind of food packaging bag the customer needs to order. Common bag types are: three-side sealing bag, stand-up bag, flat bottom bag, middle-sealing organ, etc. Different bag types also affect the loading weight. Second, what is the product that needs to be understood? For example, the tea bags used for tea and the rice bags used for rice are completely different materials. Tea is fragile, and rice is hard and sharp. Third, it is necessary to know what kind of material the customer needs to use. For example, rice is usually made of materials with strong stretchability and good sealing performance, while tea needs materials with good aroma retention and good light-proof properties. Different products are installed, and the materials will be different, and some customers have special requirements for materials. Different materials have different prices. Fourth, you need to know the size of the customized food packaging bag. Generally, you need to know the length, width and thickness of the three-side sealing; such as the self-supporting bag, the width, height, side, bottom, height and other related data are required. Fifth, you need to know the type of product to be loaded, such as solid or liquid? Is it perishable or corrosive. For general liquid packaging bags, we use self-supporting nozzle bags. Sixth, you need to understand the printing situation, one color and one version. The number of printing colors also directly affects the customer’s cost and production process. So in the quotation must ask clearly. Seventh, with regard to freight, tax, etc., on the quotation, it is necessary to write words such as “this quotation includes tax and freight”. Eighth, we need to confirm our production cycle with customers. Some customers who are in urgent need of goods always destroy the goods, but because there is a certain process and production cycle when making food packaging bags, for customers who order for the first time, they must make it clear that customized food packaging bags are not in stock. So a certain production cycle is necessary.

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