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YLTpacking: Common Problem Solving for Blown Film Technology

1. We are developing a three-layer co-extruded film of PA and LDPE. We hope that the outer PE film can reduce the resistance to 106 to resist static electricity. Do you have any good suggestions? The most commonly used method to reduce the surface resistance of plastics is to add antistatic agents and carbon black. Antistatic agents can generally reduce the surface resistance of materials to not less than 108, and carbon black can reduce the surface resistance of plastics to below 105. , If you have no limit to the color of the co-extruded film, you can choose carbon black as the material to reduce the surface resistance. Metal oxide filling is a new type of filler that reduces resistance. Its advantage is that it can reduce the resistance to less than 106, and the transparency of the material can reach about 80% of the original, and the amount of addition is relatively small. Not much impact. 2. We want to reduce the gloss of PE film, can you suggest some additives that can reduce the gloss of PE film during extrusion blow molding? Before adding additives, you should first consider adjusting your processing technology. If you use processing additives, it is recommended that you reduce the amount or not use them if possible, and then add a small amount of HDPE or reduce the extrusion temperature. 3. We are a film product company. We are currently conducting research on the recycling of our PET/PE, PA/EVOH/PE, and PA/PP composite films. We have done it on twin-screw extruders. Some experiments, but the performance of the material and its continuous extrusion performance are not ideal, the elongation at break of the material and the appearance of the film are very poor, can you recommend some additives or solvents that can improve the performance of our film? Since these polymers you want to compound are not very compatible, it is not surprising that the elongation at break of the material is not high, and to improve the performance of the material, you need to add some kind of compatibilizer to the formulation. Such multi-layer structures usually contain a certain tape layer for improving the interlayer adhesion, but the content often cannot meet the needs of recycling production. For PA/PE and PA/PP films, 5%-7% of polyethylene or polypropylene grafted with maleic anhydride can be added. For the PET/PE structure, the addition of 5% epoxy-modified polyolefin helps to significantly increase the properties of the material. Flexible packaging technology, blown film technology problem solving, flexible packaging customization, flexible packaging manufacturers, please call for details:

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