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YLTpacking–Do you understand these signs on food packaging bags?

It is estimated that many people like to buy things here, especially for some food lovers. I like to go to supermarkets and canteens to buy products in food bags to eat. The editor still remembers that when I was studying, I liked to buy some snacks in the small shop in the cafeteria and take them to the classroom to eat secretly… But here YLTpacking would like to ask everyone, did you pay attention when you were eating? Contents on food packaging. In addition to the reference pictures of “the product is based on the food, the pictures are for reference only”, have you noticed the real signs on the snack packaging, have you understood them? Here, YLTpacking will tell you the meaning of the logo on the food packaging bag. Let everyone learn a new knowledge! The first point is that no matter what snack products we buy, we should first get a package of snacks, and we should first look at its production date, QS label and manufacturer. If one of them is missing, you can throw it away. Because such products are substandard products. To put it bluntly, it may be “smuggled goods”, and it can also be considered as a real “three no products”. Finally, YLTpacking will introduce some safety signs on food packaging bags. 1. Pollution-free agricultural products Pollution-free agricultural products mainly meet the relevant national requirements for pollution-free agricultural products in terms of environment, process and quality. To obtain the right to use this mark, the testing and certification. So if friends see this label on food, it proves that it is a pollution-free agricultural product that is fake. 2. Organic food There is no need to introduce more organic food. If you can put this mark on the food packaging bag, it proves that it comes from the organic agricultural production system and is processed in strict accordance with the production standards stipulated by the agricultural department. At the same time, it also Accreditation from an agency that holds the relevant organic food certification. It should become a type of food that people like to see in daily life. 3. Green Food In recent years, international environmental protection conferences have been held continuously, and environmental protection has become an important proposition of human life in the new era. Therefore, the concept of eating non-polluting food needs to penetrate into all aspects of life. Green food is food produced using the concept of sustainable development, certified by relevant agencies, and using green methods. Therefore, it is highly recommended that everyone buy food with the green food logo.

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