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YLTpacking packaging: how to solve gravure shrinkage?

fault phenomenonFountain or crater-like raised spots appear on the ink layer or varnish of the print, sometimes even over the entire pattern, resulting in a rough printed surface and reduced gloss.Cause AnalysisThe ink surface dries too quickly. The heat first acts strongly on the surface to form a dry film, and the solvent in the lower layer is temporarily closed, and when it continues to be heated, the solvent in it will escape to the outside world, and when the energy reaches the level of breaking through the film, it will be ejected, thereby forming shrinkage cavities.Solution 1,Appropriately add a leveling agent to the printing ink; 2,Use solvents with low surface tension; 3,Wet the surface of the substrate; 4,Control the temperature and humidity of the printing operation environment; 5,choose a suitable interpreter; 6,Reduce the surface tension between the printing ink and the printing carrier, so that the ink and the carrier have good wettability, so that it will not form a surface tension gradient with the substance that causes shrinkage; 7,Adjust the evaporation speed of the solvent, reduce the viscosity, improve the fluidity of the ink, and prolong the leveling time.Gravure printingfood packaging bagPackaging bag manufacturerWholesale bagsManufacturer customization

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