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[YLTpacking packaging technology] 10 questions and 10 answers to common technical questions of flexible packaging bags

Common technical problems of flexible packaging10ask10answerThe difference between boiled and steamed ?Retort sterilization is divided into: low temperature boiled packaging, the boiled conditions are generally controlled at100sterilization30minutes, and a poaching condition controlled at85sterilization15minutes, called pasteurization;Low temperature cooking packaging, cooking conditions can be controlled at100degree~120Sterilize at a specific temperature within the range of30minute;Medium temperature cooking and packaging, the cooking conditions can be controlled at121sterilization45minute;High temperature sterilization packaging, the cooking condition is to control the temperature to reach135sterilization15minute;Ultra-high temperature packaging sterilization, sterilization conditions are sterilization in a microwave oven3~5minute.The structure of boiled and retorted packaging is also different. The structure of boiled packaging usually hasNY/CPE,PET/CPE,NY/CPP,PET/CPP,PET/PET/CPPWait;The structure of retort packaging usually hasNY/CPP,PET/CPP,NY/NY/CPP,PET/PET/CPP,PET/AL/CPP,PET/AL/NY/CPPWait. 2What are the requirements for adhesives in pesticide packaging ?Due to the complex composition of pesticides, there are water-soluble pesticides and oil-based pesticides, and the corrosiveness is also quite different. In the past, pesticides were packaged in glass bottles or metal bottles. Considering the inconvenience of bottled pesticides and the fact that the current flexible packaging structural materials have been adapted to the packaging of pesticides, it is also a development trend to use plastic flexible packaging bags to package pesticides.At present, there is no dry reusable polyurethane adhesive in China or in the world.100%It can be applied to pesticide packaging bags without any delamination and leakage problems. It can be said that the overall requirements of pesticide packaging for adhesives are still relatively high, especially in terms of corrosion resistance and grease resistance. The prerequisite for the production of pesticide packaging bags is that the inner layer meets the requirements of the base material and has good barrier properties and corrosion resistance, followed by the requirement of strong corrosion resistance of the adhesive. The adaptability test must be done during production. then put in50The curing room is placed at high temperature for a week to see if the packaging bag is in good condition. If it is in good condition, it is basically determined that the packaging structure can hold the pesticide. If there is delamination and leakage, the pesticide cannot be packaged. 3Why are there a lot of air bubbles in the plastic disc when compounding?(speed at40~50m/min), what effect does it have on compounding? ?speed at40~50m/minA lot of bubbles appear in the glue in the glue tray. The first thing to consider is whether there are a lot of bubbles when the adhesive was used before. If so, it means that the adhesive itself is prone to a lot of bubbles.;If not, then consider:A: Has the solvent been replaced? Moisture or alcohol in the solvent will easily cause the viscosity of the glue to rise ;B: The viscosity is too high when configuring the glue ;CThe angle of the scraper is controlled and the scraper is too high from the liquid level of the glue plate, resulting in a large drop of the glue, and a large impact when the glue flows down, resulting in

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