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YLTpacking packaging: what is the reason for the wrong product size after the packaging bag is printed

First of all, there is a suction nozzle on the soft bag, which can make it safe and convenient for children to eat and avoid the recurrence of injury incidents. Many companies have already adopted this packaging form and said that they will further increase the amount of this packaging. Secondly, flexible packaging As the packaging equipment that directly contacts with the product, the liquid filling equipment is very important to the hygiene and safety of the food, so the development of the aseptic flexible packaging equipment can ensure the hygiene and safety of the product packaging; in addition, the soft bag packaging with suction nozzles is also very good The excellent shelf display effect and the exquisitely printed various patterns will attract the attention of consumers to a great extent. Large brands such as Want Want have many examples of products using this packaging. While improving the quality of their products, jelly manufacturers choose suitable packaging forms, which can not only enable consumers to eat safe and delicious food, but also enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. In the process of making packaging bags, printing is an important step after plate making and before bag making. The quality of this step is related to whether the printing picture of the packaging bag is in place, clear, accurate and the exquisiteness of the bag. Therefore, in the process of packaging bag printing, the printing master must pay great attention, otherwise, such errors often occur, such as finding that the product size is wrong after printing, which is very fatal, which means that this batch of printed packaging bags is scrapped , then why is the product size wrong? The following reasons will cause the wrong product size after printing: 1. The deformation rate of the plate required for printing is wrong; 2. The stretch ratio of the paper is large; 3. The actual repeating circumference of the plate roller of the packaging machine itself 4. In the process of product printing and compounding, the thickness of the double-sided tape used in color compounding is wrong. After knowing the above reasons for the wrong size of the packaging bag, we need to pay special attention to these places when printing, try our best to print at one time, and print the packaging bag with exquisite and in place, not only to protect the company. National packaging bag manufacturers, food packaging bag manufacturers, please come to China YLTpacking:

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