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YLTpacking packaging: what should I do if the aluminum foil bags sterilization suddenly fails?

On the one hand, the adhesive should consider the influence of different substrates, such as differences in internal stress, different thermophysical changes, and differences in surface conditions, on the bonding; of destruction. Therefore, confirming the source of bonding failure and selecting the appropriate bonding body and composite structure according to the greatest risk points can allow us to achieve multiplier effects with half the effort.Manufacturers in the soft package industry may have encountered more or less complaints about the sudden bonding failure of customers’ products (especially aluminum foil sterilization products) under the condition that the production process and raw materials are well controlled; Huateng’s technology After collecting and analyzing multiple customer cases, the team found that in many cases, the adjustment of recipes in food factories was an important cause of these quality accidents.According to the current national food additive standards, the dosage of food spices and essences in various foods is”Use in moderation according to production needs ,Except for specific foods stated in the standard ,Whether other foods can be flavored should be implemented in accordance with the relevant food product standards”, most of which are not limited. This means that if the soft packaging factory cannot raise the anti-risk threshold to deal with this problem, there is no reason for you to have a quality problem, because the food factory legally and compliantly adds food additives to produce products.So how to solve and avoid these problems?The most fundamental method is, of course, to limit the amount of related substances added, and then we can carry out quality control as required. But after all, this is a long-term and complicated work. For now, our most feasible way is to improve the ability to resist risks in the field of high-risk products to avoid losses.In recent years, we have combined our own experience to develop targetedUF3026A/UF3026BIt is represented by a variety of high media resistance products. The products have excellent acid resistance, small molecule additive resistance, low solvent residue and other characteristics, which have also been tested and recognized by customers.The specific application occasions and effects will be explained by sharing two cases with you:A customer packaged poultry products,PET/AL/RCPPRequirements after packaging, retort and sterilization30accelerated aging (60℃) without delamination (>1N), and there is no large-area abscission bubble phenomenon. Due to the extremely aggressive nature of the product, the customer had previously only been able to use a German imported product to meet the requirements. Our technicians analyzed and detected the contents and found that there are many additives and types of additives, and the medium exhibits strong acidity, which has a great impact on the interface, especially the aluminum foil interface, after permeating through the film. Therefore, it is recommended that customers use strong tolerance productsUF3026A/Bproduct.From the results, Huateng’sUF3026The performance is similar to the existing German similar products, and the final strength attenuation tends to be stable, which meets the needs of customers. Although the initial strength of the Japanese products compared in the same period is higher, the final aging effect is not good, especially in accelerated aging.15day after day,

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