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YLTpacking: Reducing Smudges from Aluminized Laminated Films

Reasons for spotting 1. The covering power of white ink and yellow ink is poor, and the printing layer ink is infiltrated by ethyl acetate in the binder, and some of it is dissolved, especially white ink, whose colorant is TiO2 particles, and its particle size Larger, there is a weak link with the binder, and it is more likely to be infiltrated by ethyl acetate. On the one hand, it causes drying difficulties. On the other hand, different infiltration results are combined with different depths, resulting in spots; 2. The aluminized film itself The fastness of the coating is uneven, and the adhesion between the ink and the adhesive on the surface is different, and spots are formed where the adhesion between the ink and the coating is low, and the density between layers is poor. Speckles are formed through the reflection intensity of the aluminized layer; 3. The adhesive is also an important factor. When the surface tension of the adhesive is high, the effect of wetting and spreading on the aluminized film is poor, the coating state of the adhesive is not good, and some initial adhesion is high. The adhesive has poor solvent release and high residual solvent, and spots will occur when the ink layer is wetted by residual solvent. Measures to reduce speckle phenomenon 1. Increase the thickness of the ink layer on printing and improve the hiding power; 2. In terms of adhesives, use special glue for aluminized composite, which has good spreading and leveling properties and good solvent release; 3. When compounding glue, increase the curing amount and increase the amount of glue; 4. In the compounding process, it is necessary to strictly control the compounding speed and increase the exhaust air volume, which can achieve good results; 5. Pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. Cots, flattening rollers, scrapers, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned. The causes of stains on aluminized composite films and how to solve the problem of reducing stains on aluminized composite films. Aluminized film packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, food aluminum foil bags, manufacturers, customized hotline: 6

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