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YLTpacking takes you to understand the basic black tea brewing method

good habit, do not put the tea spoon on the cup, so that the spoon body touches the tea soup. The reason is that if many people get together to drink tea, it is difficult to avoid contamination of each other’s tea soup, which is not polite. In addition, because the tea leaves continue to soak and dissolve during the pouring process, the movements should be gentle and slow. If you need to pour multiple cups, in order to make the thickness of each cup uniform, according to the British tea brewing etiquette, you can gently rotate and shake the body of the pot before pouring the tea – but I don’t think it is very effective. 5. After drinking the first pot, if you want to add another pot, you can follow the above steps to pour the boiling water into the pot again. However, the soaking time can be increased by 1 to 1.5 minutes. The second brew will usually have a lighter taste and a less pronounced aroma. Therefore, if you want to continue brewing several times, you can slightly increase the amount of tea leaves and shorten the soaking time for the first brewing, so as to leave more room and space for the second and third brews. YLTpacking has more than 17 years of packaging bag production experience and can meet your packaging bag needs for any product. If you need to place an order, you can contact YLTpacking directly.

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