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YLTpacking tells you two major phenomena and problems encountered in automatic soft packaging bags for milk powder?

1. How to solve the phenomenon of sticky powder in automatic packaging of milk powder? First of all, the material clamping mainly occurs on the horizontal seal. The material clamping is due to the unreasonable continuous cooperation between the packaging machine and the metering screw during operation or the unreasonable design of the material gate at the lower end of the metering screw. When the screw has stopped rotating, the material gate It is not well sealed, resulting in a small amount of loose material falling down. The solution to this problem is to reasonably set the match between the metering screw and the packaging machine, and to design the material gate reasonably. Milk powder is generally required to be filled with nitrogen during the packaging process, so a certain degree of dust is inevitable. Since the dust caused by the falling of the material will only have a great impact on the sealing quality when it is adsorbed on the sealing area of the film under the action of static electricity, the problem should be solved from both packaging machinery and packaging materials. Measures include installing static eliminators, reasonably designing the length and speed of the metering screw, and reasonably adjusting the pressure, flow and time of nitrogen charging. For packaging materials, materials with better heat-sealability of inclusions or antistatic films with antistatic materials should be used. 2. What problems are prone to occur in the back sealing part of the milk powder flexible packaging? The back seal of the packaging bag is sealed with two layers of film, so there is generally no problem of loose sealing, and the problem is mainly the deviation of the film, that is, the so-called white edge. In order to solve this problem, it is required that the film frame of the packaging machine can be adjusted left and right as a whole without stopping, and the lapel former is required to be stable. The lapel former seems to be simple, but actually has high requirements, which has a great impact on the forming quality of the packaging bag and the stability of the machine. This requires suppliers to have rich experience in the production and debugging process of the former in order to achieve good results. The above is a detailed answer to the two major problems encountered by China YLTpacking Packaging Products Co., Ltd. for automatic milk powder packaging bags. Here, YLTpacking also reminds everyone to pay special attention to production and processing. Here if you need to customize a variety of food packaging bags, we.

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