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YLTpacking tells you what two points should be paid attention to when customizing food packaging bags in food factories?

All along, the food industry has become more and more in our lives. And customization in food packaging is a big room for development. Today is just taking advantage of the time, China YLTpacking Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is here to tell you what two points should be paid attention to in customizing food packaging bags for food factories? I believe that everyone will have a new understanding of food packaging customization after reading it. Let’s take a look at it in detail: 1. In line with national standards, first of all, food companies should find out what materials their food packaging bags need; they belong to PE/PET/PP Ni or what material Ni. The second is to find a formal packaging company for customized processing. (The editor inserts a small advertisement here, you can choose our YLTpacking packaging) Due to the lack of professional knowledge of packaging materials and the simple pursuit of low prices, some food companies are often fooled. Taking composite bags as an example, many foods are used for vacuum packaging. The material of such packaging bags should have at least one layer of nylon packaging. However, some composite packaging bags on the market cut corners and use polyester plastic (PET) instead of nylon material. , because nylon material is twice as expensive as PET. The result is that the bag is very brittle and not soft, and the puncture resistance is weak, causing air leakage and bag breakage in the food packaging. Therefore, when we choose a manufacturer, we must choose a food packaging bag manufacturer that meets national standards. 2. Meet the requirements of food safety and quality Food companies should require packaging bag manufacturers to use packaging films that meet national standards. For example, the material of the composite bag should be green and environmentally friendly, and do not use dry composite plastic packaging containing harmful substances such as benzene, because the solvent easily penetrates and contaminates the food. Food packaging bags should be flat. No scratches, burns, bubbles and wrinkles, no false seals. Flatness is not only an aesthetic requirement, but also the quality of the food. If the seal of the bag is not flat, the food packaging used for high temperature cooking or low temperature freezing is easy to crack. Printing should use green materials. The QS standard requires that food packaging should not detect benzene-based solvents that are harmful to human health. However, because benzene-based solvents are about 30% lower in price than environmentally friendly benzene-free and ketone-free solvents, and the brightness and color fastness are better, so many Such materials are also used in the printing of packaging bags, and there are often problems of contamination of food. The production environment of packaging enterprises that make food bags must meet the standards to avoid contamination of food bags during the bag making process. The above are the two points that China YLTpacking Packaging Products Co., Ltd. will introduce to you in detail about the two points that need to be paid attention to about custom food packaging bags in food factories. I believe you have read it and have a new understanding of custom packaging bags. In fact, no matter what kind of packaging bags we are customizing, we should choose a company that has the strength to meet the national standards, so as to be recognized by customers in production and ensure the quality. If you need customized food packaging bags, you can contact — YLTpacking bag

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