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YLTpacking-The seven main types of inks used in flexible packaging bags?

1. Ordinary polyamide surface printing ink 1. It can be used for surface printing without compound processing such as food, gifts, sanitary bags and other groceries (low surface tension, no compound processability), but cannot be used for oil cakes, biscuits, cooked vegetables etc. (packaging bags containing a large amount of grease, plasticizers or fragrances) requiring packaging bags with properties such as oil resistance and boiling resistance. 2. Two-component surface printing ink 2. It has resistance to boiling and cooking, and has excellent acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, and low temperature freezing resistance. 3. Ink printed on shrinkable PVC labels 3. For detergent and bleach trademarks, a certain hue may fade or change color due to the influence of the contents. 4. Ordinary chlorinated polypropylene lining ink 4. It is suitable for opp film printing and has good adhesion fastness. 5. Polyurethane lining ink 5. The performance of polyurethane ink is slightly different from the chlorinated polypropylene ink currently used for bopp printing on the market, and the use method is also different. 6. Special ink for aluminum foil °C) of the drying tunnel temperature) good. 7. Paper surface printing ink 7. When ordinary polyamide plastic surface printing ink is used for paper printing, because the heat resistance of polyamide resin is not very good, the packaging bag will be damaged after being subjected to the heat of the bag-making heat sealing knife. Ink dye migration occurs. At this time, special ink for paper should be used. The above is an analysis of the seven main types of inks for flexible packaging bags by China YLTpacking Packaging Products Co., Ltd. I hope you will know the performance and use of inks for packaging bags after reading. Here, YLTpacking also advises the manufacturers of food packaging bags, when choosing flexible packaging bags, the ink must choose high-grade ink. In this way, a good printing can be done on the color tone, density and surface gloss of the packaging bag.

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