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Ziplock bag recycling? See what the packaging bag manufacturers say!

Everyone is familiar with the self-sealing bag currently on the market. Some people call it a zipper bag, some call it a bone bag, and some call it a chain bag. There are various names, and it lives up to expectations. Bags occupy a very large market share. It is no exaggeration to say that in the current food packaging bag industry, the market share of self-sealing bags is at least 70%. However, such a large market and capacity bring environmental pressure. At present, most of the self-sealing bags used in the market are still inexplicable plastic material titles, which are also a big hidden danger for the ecological environment. If the self-sealing bag products can do their best and be recycled many times, it can not only uce environmental pollution , and many other products can be prepa. After the packaging bag manufacturers recycle the ziplock bag products, they can actually prepare many products, such as garbage bags, plastic product frames, buckets, tubes, plastic product stools, chairs, decorative boards, strips, etc., and some can also be modified to make plastic products. “Alloy” products, whose properties even exceed some of the original physical properties of the resin, in fact, as long as they do not involve food hygiene and plastic ziplock bags with some special indicators, recycled plastic product particles can be used. The recycling of vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags and self-sealing bags should be a topic worthy of attention. At present, the annual output of plastic products in the world has exceeded 100 million tons, and its volume is higher than that of steel. In reviewing the progress of polymer materials science and engineering, At times, its development is certainly gratifying. However, in addition to the excitement, what is worrying is that behind the high output means that there will be a corresponding large amount of polymer material waste. In the face of such a large-scale production and accumulation of polymer material products, polymer materials are not very durable. Aging is combined with “stubbornness” that is difficult to decompose completely. If the recycling policy cannot be effectively adopted, the huge amount of polymer waste will one day seriously deteriorate the natural environment, destroy the growth of plants, and endanger the ecology of the earth. The recycling of plastic packaging bags, including self-sealing bags, is a topic of great concern. Everyone who uses packaging bags, whether it is a business or a customer, should consider maximizing the utilization rate of packaging bags to the greatest extent, and at the same time do their best to recycle these bags to minimize the impact of these bags on the environment. pollution. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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